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Coating systems can vary substantially from company to company. It is important to understand the difference between a single and 3 stage coating system as the finish will vary considerably.

Perth Flooring Solutions uses the 3 stage technique – using 3 products which come together to get that final stunning floor finish that will not only be durable but will hold longevity.

There are 3 main types of finishes.

Water Borne Finishes: These offer a moderate to high wear resistant finish with a gloss level which can range from matt to gloss depending on personal requirements. 20 30 & solvent still want to be going oil wax orientation.

Solvent Borne Polyurethane Finishes: Our most popular choice of finish and the most traditional option. Although solvent based does have a smell it is the hardest wearing finish on the market. In many instances these floors can last minimum 8 – 20 + years (depending floor traffic) without resurfacing.  The odour is minimal and short lasting.

Composite environmental oil wax options:  developed in Europe it offers a superb finish with the benefits of non toxic products on your floors. It is an excellent choice for hypoallergenic lifestyles without compromising the finish and is easy to maintain with the ability to repair minor scratches with ease.  Comes in a range of sheens.

We are also great at sanding timber floors!

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